2013 Fenders on Front Street Winners

And the winners are:

Best of Show:  Entry #72, 1934 Buick Convertible, owned by Everett Ayers.
Favorite Original: Entry #463, 1957 Chevrolet, owned by John Rozich.
Favorite Classic (Modified):  Entry #424, 1956 Chevrolet, owned by Bill Thornton
Favorite 50’s:  Entry #411, 1950 Ford, owned by Randy Caskey
Favorite 1950-1969:  Entry # ( ? ) 1957 Cadillac, owned by John Duffins (sp)
Favorite Post 1970: Entry# 265, 1977 Pontiac Trans Am, owned by Eric Wolfe
Favorite Foreign:  Entry #324, 1958 Porsche, owned by Steve Perrien
Favorite Truck:  Entry #375, 1937 Chevrolet Pick-Up, owned by Dave Dunn
Most Unique:  Entry #286, 1948 Chrysler Stretch, owned by Dale DePriest
Cuz it’s cool:  Entry # ( ? ) 1928 Ford Roadster, owned by Steve Hinckley

Joe Forkner was inducted into the Fenders on Front Street Hall of Fame for 2013

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